About Us

UMen is an organisation established simply to support Unemployed Men. Founded by Rob Leslie, Garry Murphy and Martin Binns in 2018, we provide a service of value for Unemployed Men at little to no cost.

BIO - Rob Leslie, President of UMen

Rob has a unique background as most people do. He did well at school and uni finishing with a commerce degree and a law degree. On graduating, he started working at Price Waterhouse as a taxation consultant. In 1992 he transferred to Sydney and moved from Price Waterhouse to BMG Records where after developing a management information system he was promoted to Financial accountant. Rob worked in various other business roles ending as business manager at Cliftons (A computer training room hire business). In 1999 he suffered a breakdown and was diagnosed as being hypomanic and moved back to Brisbane from Sydney,


Prior to his breakdown, Rob had decided to do work helping other people and on his return to Brisbane he did some volunteer work while working on Glisten Music, an online music label (6 months before i-Tunes). In 2005, after being eclipsed by i-Tunes  he decided to get into counselling and worked for over 5 years as a telephone counsellor at Lifeline. He studied counselling but in 2011 decided to retire from Lifeline.


Since then Rob has continued doing voluntary work with stints at Meals On Wheels, Brisbane Fringe Festival, Dare Lawyers and others. While not working professionally, generally, Rob does do occasional professional work for others pro bono. He officially retired in 2016 at 50 and spent time with his family and friends especially his father. He is known for his coffee.


Recent times see Rob working for 3rd Space a homeless people organisation, and Shiloh Christian Care, a food package operation, as well as working on the UMen project, of course. His interests are Poetry, Sculpture, Art (generally), Music  & Music Business, Philosophy, Writing, Camping, Sailing, , Swimming, Cooking, Movies. To date he has written 2 books and well over 100 poems and is enjoying retired life very much.

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